You need luck, tactical thinking, good nerves and some dice!

You need Java

A big chunk of Playforia's games are built on Java technology. Please install Java to play.

The Java installation is a quick single event. After installing, you’ll be able to access the Java games and other content in and outside Playforia. Read more about Java at java.com.

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Available medals

  • Best of the Day - Yatzy
    Level: 1 - Win a Best of the Day competition - get the next medal by winning 2 times.
  • 2nd of the Day - Yatzy
    Level: 1 - Become the second best in a Best of the Day competition - get the next medal by becoming it 2 times.
  • 3rd of the Day - Yatzy
    Level: 1 - Become the third in a Best of the Day competition - get the next medal by becoming it 2 times.
  • Bonus
    Get the 50 bonus points (by scoring at least 63 points) on your score sheet.
  • Clean Play
    Finish a game without having any zeros on your score sheet.
  • Close One
    Win a finished game with 1 points more than your opponent.
  • Newbie
    Level: 1 - Play 2 games.
  • Instant Yatzy
    Get a Yatzy on the first roll on your turn.
  • Max Full House
    Get a maximum score for "full house" (6+6+6+5+5).
  • Max Two Pairs
    Get a maximum score for "two pairs" (6+6+5+5).
  • Play Coin Game
    Play a game and use Playforia coins as a bet.
  • Score
    Level: 1 - Get a total of 225 points during the game.
  • The Best
    Get a better score than anyone has ever got so far (or equal the record).
  • Win Coins
    Level: 1 - Win 5 coins.
  • Yatzy 1
    Get a Yatzy with dice 1.
  • Yatzy 2
    Get a Yatzy with dice 2.
  • Yatzy 3
    Get a Yatzy with dice 3.
  • Yatzy 4
    Get a Yatzy with dice 4.
  • Yatzy 5
    Get a Yatzy with dice 5.
  • Yatzy 6
    Get a Yatzy with dice 6.
  • Yatzy Pwnage
    Win 3 times in a row from the same opponent and get a Yatzy in every game.


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Game help & information

You need luck, tactical thinking, good nerves and some dice!

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Yatzy instructions

When the game has been loaded you are taken to lobby where you see other players on the left and on-going game sessions on the right. Use the big window in the middle to chat with other people in the lobby if you wish.

At top is the challenging area required to start a game. Adjust the game settings how you wish, pick opponent from the list on the left and click on "Challenge player" button. Game starts once the opponent has accepted your challenge. Respectively other players may challenge you and when one do so, it is displayed above the chat window where you can accept or ignore it.

You cay also observe other players' games by picking one from the game list and then clicking on "Watch game" button at the bottom.


Yatzy can be played with coin bets. With this method both players place a bet and the winner collects the whole pot.

When you wish to start a betting game, tick the "Play for coins" box at the top, which will enable a new control where you can enter the bet to place. Betting game players are marked with a coin symbol in the player listing.

Betting game players cannot challenge normal game players.


Dices and score card are displayed upon game start. Score card shows both your scores (on the left) as your opponent's (on the right). Chat window is placed at the bottom and it may be used to communicate between players.

On each turn, player first rolls all five dices and then optionally up to two more times those one wants.

Once you have reached the combination you are happy with, you can try placing it by clicking to a matching row in the score card. Each row can be filled only once - one score sum cannot be placed on the same row more than once. For example, if you get dice faces to show up 4-1-2-2-4, the best scoring is reached by placing it at the row "Two pairs" that gives you 12 points - the total sum of dice faces. If you place it to a row that does not match the combination you rolled, that results as row sum being 0 - for example placing combination of 4-1-2-2-4 at row "Three of a kind" gives you no points at all from that row as they do not match.

Game ends once both players have placed a score on every row. The winner is the one who scores more points.

Please pay attention to the fact that player has predetermined time to spend on each turn - if that runs out, a row gets selected and score set for it automatically and the turn passed on to the opponent.