Form words and fill up the board!

You need Java

A big chunk of Playforia's games are built on Java technology. Please install Java to play.

The Java installation is a quick single event. After installing, you’ll be able to access the Java games and other content in and outside Playforia. Read more about Java at java.com.

Playforia Ranking 600 + 500 - 599 400 - 499 300 - 399 200 - 299 100 - 199 50 - 99 1 - 49



Available medals

  • All Used
    Use all your letters when the bag is already empty.
  • Bonus
    Get bonus points for using all your letters from a full rack any time after first turn
  • Clean Play
    Win a game by running out of letters and without skipping your turn even once during the game.
  • Clear Winner
    Level: 1 - Win a game so you have twice the amount of points your opponent has (the game has to be played until there are no more letters left in the bag).
  • Draw
    End up in a draw.
  • Exploitation
    Make a word of at least 7 letters by using merely a single new letter.
  • Game Score
    Level: 1 - Get 100 points in one game.
  • Newbie
    Level: 1 - 1 game played.
  • Last Word
    Win a game by playing your last word with all your remaining letters while exceeding your opponent's score (during this turn).
  • Long Word
    Level: 1 - Make a 5 letter word.
  • Multipliers
    Level: 1 - Use 1 multiplier in one word in a single turn.
  • Multitask
    Have 10 games open, in which, simultaneously, each player has at least played one turn (awarded when entering the Wordz game).
  • Multiword
    Level: 1 - Make 2 words in a single turn.
  • No Ones
    Make a word without 1 point letters and jokers.
  • No Standing Up
    Play a game from the beginning to the end without leaving the game between turns, do not even check other Wordz games you might have running (the game has to be played until there are no letters left in the bag).
  • Beginner
    Level: 1 - Get 5 points in one turn.
  • Tens
    Use at least two 10 point letters in a single word.
  • Triple Double Three
    Get at least 33 points a turn during 3 sequential turns.
  • Twice
    Play the same word twice in sequential turns within a single game.

Game help & information

Form words and fill up the board!

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Wordz differs from all other Playforia games, as it is not necessary to play the game concurrently with your opponent. The game could last days or even weeks, as you may make your move anytime you like. You can also play several games simultaneously, even with same opponent.

Starting the game

When entering the game you can see a list with the games you're playing on the left. You can click the game you want to continue with or start a new one by clicking "Start New Game".

If you start a new game, choose if you want to play with one of your friends or with a random opponent (your friend may reject your challenge, though). You have to choose which language is used in the game as well (currently, we've only got the game in English, French, Italian, Finnish and Norwegian). The words you play will have to be in the language that is selected on start.

Playing the game

The idea of the game is simply to form words on the board from the letters you have in front of you. Move letters to the board by dragging them with your mouse. Once you have dragged the letters you want to play, click "Play" and the word will be verified. You have three chances to play a word, after this, you'll have pass the turn onto your opponent, or optionally you can buy three new tries. If the word is accepted, you'll get points, if not, you'll have to try and form another word.

When dragging letters to the board, the following rules are applied:

  • the letters must be placed in the same horizontal or vertical line
  • the first word of the game must be placed across the Sparky logo in the middle of the board
  • all other new words have to include of one letters that's already on the board, i.e. they must cross an already existing word
  • if you are able to form multiple words on your turn, every one of them must be accepted separately.


Every letter has its own value. You can double or triple the letter value or the whole word by placing it strategically on the board. The total score you get for your word is the sum of the letter values of your word, including possible multipliers.

If your new word includes any letters that are already on the board, the total score for your word will include the value of those letters as well - although their possible multipliers will not count for this.

If you are able to use all your letters in one go, you'll get an extra bonus score! Only very first turn doesn't give you bonus score even if you use all letters.

Every time after you form a valid word, your rack will be refilled with new letters from the letter bag, unless it is empty. The number of letters in your bag is displayed below letter rack.

In case you cannot form a valid word, you may pass the turn onto your opponent and optionally, replace all the letters on your rack for better chances.

If you no longer have the chance to win the game, you can give up by clicking the white flag in the right bottom corner.

Joker tiles

Sometimes you might get tile that is totally empty, that is joker tile. When you drag it on board during your own turn, you can freely choose any letter to that tile. However, joker tiles score is always 0.

After joker tile is used in some word, chosen letter can't be changed any more and tile score is still 0. But it stays on board for the rest of the game just like any other tile.

Ending the game

There are three options to end the game

  1. You or your opponent runs out of letters; in this case, the total score of remaining letters is subtracted from this player's end score and added as a bonus to other player's score - the one who has no letters left. The winner is the one with the highest end score.
  2. Both players pass their turn three times in a row. The winner is the one with the most points.
  3. One of the players gives up the game, so their opponent wins. (The game will give up automatically if there haven't been any moves in 2 days with a random opponent or in 8 days with a friend.)

The game list also displays the games that have already ended for a while before they are removed automatically.