Super Defence

Fight against super nasty gnats en route through the gaming area.

You need Java

A big chunk of Playforia's games are built on Java technology. Please install Java to play.

The Java installation is a quick single event. After installing, you’ll be able to access the Java games and other content in and outside Playforia. Read more about Java at


Super Defence

Available medals

  • Against Goliath
    Kill a bug with arrows on level 31 or higher.
  • Caveman Approach
    Reach level 25 without doing any research.
  • Best of the Day - Super Defence
    Level: 1 - Win a Best of the Day competition - get the next medal by winning 2 times.
  • 2nd of the Day - Super Defence
    Level: 1 - Become the second best in a Best of the Day competition - get the next medal by becoming it 2 times.
  • 3rd of the Day - Super Defence
    Level: 1 - Become the third in a Best of the Day competition - get the next medal by becoming it 2 times.
  • Builder
    Level: 1 - Build a total of 200 buildings (not necessarily during the same game).
  • Bumpy
    Shoot holes in the ground with a cannon.
  • Disco
    Build at least 20 lasers, each set to fire at the strongest enemies.
  • Distribute
    Simultaneously, own at least one of each kind of building in the game.
  • Electric Ignition
    Ignite your tarred enemy with an electric charge.
  • Fire Ignition
    Ignite your tarred enemy with fire.
  • Newbie
    Level: 1 - Play 2 games.
  • Laser Ignition
    Ignitre your tarred enemy with a laser.
  • Mastermind
    Finish all possible research.
  • Money Lover
    Level: 1 - Save money, so that you have 2000 or more.
  • Beginner
    Level: 1 - Complete level 20 on map 1.
  • Splatter
    Level: 1 - Kill a total of 2000 bugs (not necessarily during the same game).
  • S.W.A.T.
    Use any of the S.W.A.T. weapons.
  • Zap!
    Level: 1 - Destroy 3 bugs with single electric charge.

Super Defence

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Game help & information

Fight against super nasty gnats en route through the gaming area.

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In the lobby, 8 different maps are displayed. Start with the first map and play to level 20 in order to unlock the next map. Click the map to start the game.


In Super Defence, you have to defend the garden path and prevent evil insects to reach the end of the road. They come in from the top and follow the road in the gaming area. These bugs can be destroyed by building defensive weaponry onto and next to the road.

For every bug you terminate, you'll receive money you can use to build and research more weapons. Make sure your defences are good, if a bug makes it to the end of the garden path, you'll loose energy.

You can use the green button on top of the screen to fast forward (skip 5 seconds) through the intermission period.


Click Weapons on the right top to open the weapon menu. The construction of weapons cost money, which you can collect by destroying bugs. The money you have is displayed on the top right of the game, next to your score and the game level. If you don't have the required sum to pay for the construction of the weapon, it can not be executed.

The weapon menu displays eight different weapons. Select the weapon of your choice by clicking it - some info about the weapon will be displayed, such as construction time, costs and it's abilities - and then select a place in the play field.

The circle around the building shows how far the weapon can shoot, and you get to see how much space it will take. When the weapon is finished, it immediately starts shooting the gnats within it's range.

Gamers that are logged in with a Playforia account that own Playforia coins, can also choose to complete the construction of a weapon quickly by clicking the construction men icon next to the construction period bar (displayed near the right bottom when a weapon is selected). If this option is selected (max. 3 times a game), the selected weapon will be completed and activated at once.

Not every weapon is available from the start; some need to be researched first. Click Research on the right top to open the research menu and choose a weapon. Do note that research takes time and money, and, you can only research one weapon at the time.


You don't always need to build new weapons in order to improve your defence. You can also choose to upgrade the weapons you've already placed in the field. Click on any of the finished weapons in the field and it's menu will open on the right. You can select Upgrade or Target.

The Upgrade menu allows you to make the weapon stronger, faster or get a farther reach. The upgrades available depend on the weapon.

Upgrading weapons takes time too, and while the weapons is under construction for improvement, it's disabled.


Use the Target menu to define a weapon's shooting strategy. By default, all weapons aim at the bug that has managed to get the furthest down the garden path. The target menu allows you choose a different strategy for each weapon. You can fe, choose for a weapon to aim for the weakest or the strongest gnat.

You may use this menu to (de)activate a weapon. If the light on the left of this menu is green, the weapon is active, and if it's red, it's deactivated. You can switch between the two statuses by clicking it.


If you feel you have no longer use for a particular weapon, select it from the field and click Sell (an arrow with dollar icon) on the right near the bottom. The weapon will be removed and you'll receive a refund, which is part of the money you've spend on building it. You can also sell a weapon before it's construction is finished.


For each gnat you kill, you score points. The amount of points per gnat depends on the level of the game. If the last killing hit is made by an arrow, a cannon or a poison trap, you'll get some extra points. However, if your last hit is made by a rocket, a laser or a tesla machine, you will earn few points less.


If you click S.W.A.T. on the right top, some special are displayed. These weapons are rather powerful and can be used only once a game.

  • Orbit Laser - a super laser that will kill any single bug completely! You can select the target freely.
  • Nuclear Bomb - nuke many bugs to gnat heaven. Nuclear fallout will reduce the energy of the incoming bugs after the explosion too, including the next waves. May destroy weapons, aim carefully!
  • Air Strike - launch an air strike on the whole field, take away most of the bugs' energy and make them easier to kill. Best used when there are many bugs present.
  • Frost - temporarily freeze all bugs and let your regular weapons do their work. Best used when the bugs are in range of your regular weapons.
You can only use S.W.A.T. weaponry if you're logged in with your Playforia account and have the sufficient amount of Playforia coins to pay for it.


Click Settings on the right bottom to change your game settings. Click Pause/Continue in order to pause or continue the game, or, click Back to return to the lobby and select a different map.