Stage Lights

Can you turn all the stage lights on?

You need Java

A big chunk of Playforia's games are built on Java technology. Please install Java to play.

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Stage Lights

Available medals

  • Chess Fan
    Set the lights on and off so that a 5x5 board looks like a chess board.
  • Grand Master
    Get the Master status on both Grind & Skill developing medals.
  • Newbie
    Level: 1 - Play 2 games.
  • Beginner
    Level: 1 - Complete a 2x2 board.
  • Speedy Gonzales
    Complete a 7x5 board within five seconds.


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Game help & information

Can you turn all the stage lights on?

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A cool rockband is about to start a gig. Unfortunately, the light technician is nowhere to be found and the stage is still dark!
Click the lights on the play area. By clicking any light, the stagelight you click and it's directly surrounding lights change of status between on and off.
The goal is to switch all the lights on.


The less clicks you need turn all stage lights on, the better. Each stage light pattern has a minimum click amount to switch all lights on. If you manage to only use this minimum amount of clicks, you will get the optimal score.


At the top left of the game area several navigation buttons are displayed. Using these buttons allows you to select a suitable level.

Personal Top Scores

If you got your own Playforia nickname, your best personal score is displayed for the current level. Creating and saving your own Playforia nickname is easy and free of charge! Click here to create your own Playforia nickname.

High Score list

This game does not have High Score lists because every level has an optimal minimum click score.