Red balls, blue balls, bouncing all around!

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Red balls, blue balls, bouncing all around!

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Separate and guide the different coloured balls to the right enclosure! As the game advances you will face greater challenges, so be a good shepherd and don’t let those balls stay mixed up!


Once you have logged in you will be taken to the Game Lobby. In the Lobby you can view the all time top scores, this month’s top scores, this week’s top scores and today’s top scores. If you are a Playforia user you will also see your personal best scores.

Under the score board are three difficulty options. Roll over the button to see top scores for each difficulty level. Click the difficulty level of your choice to play.

To return to the Playforia Home Page click the "Exit"-button..


Separate the balls on the screen by colour, guiding each to the correct area. To separate the balls use the mouse to control the separation wall, allowing the correct coloured balls to travel past whilst blocking the incorrect balls.

On Normal Difficulty there are two areas to separate the balls into. Guide the red balls to the left and the blue balls to the right. When all the balls are on their respective sides you will advance to the next level - with more balls!

In the pro-levels the screen is split into three or four parts and you will control two walls. The objective remains the same.

To pause the game at any time simply click your mouse over the game area. Alternatively, you can press the “P” key on your keyboard or click the “Pause” button in the bottom right hand corner of your screen..

If you fail to separate all the balls within the time frame, you lose the game. Click the “New Game” button on the bottom of the screen to start a new game. To return to the Lobby click the “Back” button.


When you complete each level you will receive points. Your points are calculated by multiplying the completed level number by the remaining seconds. For example, if you completed level 3 with 15 seconds remaining on the clock you receive 45 points (3 x 15 = 45 points).

If you run out of time before you complete the level you still receive points based on how many balls are on the correct side. So don’t give up if it looks like you can’t complete the level! It pays to keep going until the end!