Road planners are needed to straighten out one big mess!

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Road planners are needed to straighten out one big mess!

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Now we need a road master who straightens the ins and outs and fixes the roundabouts. The master needs brains and skills to make fast decisions, because the time is limited!

The idea of the game

Your task is to act as a road builder and see to it that the roadwork will be completed from the starting point on the left side of the working site to the end point on the right side of the working site. You need to think quickly, because the work must be done within a limited time frame.


The road parts seen on the construction site can be moved with the mouse as follows:
click on the desired part with the left mouse button, keep the button pressed down and move the part to the place of your choice. Clicking the right mouse button allows you to turn the part to a different position.

Rules and examples

The road or crossroads mustn't contain breaks and all roads must lead somewhere, but note that you don't necessarily have to use all parts to build a complete road connection. There may also be barriers on the working site and the road must somehow go past them. Some parts of the road have red edges: these parts can't be moved or turned, but the road must go through them.

Not like this:

The road mustn't have breaks.

The road mustn't end anywhere. Solve crossroads problems by using inner loops and traffic circles.

The road must go through all steady parts (those with red edges).

If you complete the road building work before the time is up, you will be able to enter the next, a more challenging field. The faster you build, the more points you get. A list of the best road builders at different levels of difficulty can be seen on the right in the game area.

Have fun building roads!