Play Pixxes - travel through the enchanted forest and relax!

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Available medals

  • Best of the Day - Pixxes
    Level: 1 - Win a Best of the Day competition - get the next medal by winning 2 times.
  • 2nd of the Day - Pixxes
    Level: 1 - Become the second best in a Best of the Day competition - get the next medal by becoming it 2 times.
  • 3rd of the Day - Pixxes
    Level: 1 - Become the third in a Best of the Day competition - get the next medal by becoming it 2 times.
  • 200k Club
    Level: 1 - Get 200 000 points in one level.
  • Hardcore
    Beat 25 levels without purchasing any help.
  • Helpful Friends
    Use 12 Pixxe powers during a single level.
  • Masterful Aim
    Clear 10 red pearls with a single shot.
  • Meter Mania
    Fill up your score meter 3 times in the same turn!
  • Miracle Save
    Clear the last 3 red pearls with your last ball.
  • Perfectionist
    Clear all pearls in one level.
  • Nature Master
    Level: 1 - Pass all Nature levels.
  • Scrooge
    Earn more free balls than you use before clearing a level.
  • Sniper
    Pass the level but leave over half of the pearls untouched.


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Play Pixxes - travel through the enchanted forest and relax!

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Deeply hidden in the green heart of England, forests of old legends still exist. Mighty oaks and ancient cedars create impassable thickets that hide the mythical creatures within. In these woods also live the fabled Pixxes - the guardians of the forest. These keepers of forgotten wisdom seldom show their selves to people, but once in a century, they open the doors to their kingdom and invite everyone to play with them.

That era has started again. Will you take up the challenge?

How to Play

The goal of the game is to clear all the red pearls, level by level. You can simply remove pearls by shooting them with a ball. Aim the cannon by moving your mouse, and fire a ball by clicking the left mouse button. Once the ball has been shot, you no longer control it's path. Try clearing as many pearls as possible. The less balls you shoot, the better score you get. If your ball is caught in the tree trunk, you will get a free ball as an award! You get 10 balls to shoot with in each level.

Once you have cleared all the red pearls in a level, you will continue to the next one. The game consists of 25 unique levels. If you clear all these levels, you'll get to play random levels, but with less balls. Let's see how far you can get!

  1. Current score
  2. Current level
  3. Cannon, use the mouse to aim and shoot
  4. Amount of balls left for this level
  5. Sound on/off switch
  6. Music on/off switch
  7. Score multiplier, fills up as you clear red pearls
  8. Help button
  9. Ball collecting trunk
  10. Score meter, fills up during each turn
  11. Nature Pixxe power button and the amount of power left
  12. Air Pixxe power button and the amount of power left
  13. Wood Pixxe power button and the amount of power left
  14. Mystic Pixxe power button and the amount of power left
  15. Dark Pixxe power button and the amount of power left
  16. One-click buy button. Having this checked makes buying the Pixxe powers faster. When checked, you only have to click the power of your choice and the purchase is completed.

Pixxe Powers

Pixxes can grant you the power they possess and greatly enhance your ability to clear the level! You will get a new Pixxe power as a reward every time you pass to the next level, but Pixxes also accept coins for their magic services. Mastering these Pixxe powers is the most important thing in the game.

  1. Nature Pixxe - Aiming Guide; the cannon will show the ball's trajectory. This can help you to hit the balls that are hard to reach! If you buy this power, you can use it three times.
  2. Air Pixxe - Whirlwind ball; when the ball hits it's target, a huge whirlwind will clear all the nearby balls around the impact point! With this power you can easily clear large clusters of pearls with a single shot.
  3. Wood Pixxe - Wider trunk; the ball collector trunk will double it's size, thus enhancing your chances to get a free ball! If you buy this power, you can use it twice.
  4. Mystic Pixxe - Split Ball; the ball will split into two balls on the first impact. Both balls will follow their own path down. This power is best used in the start of a level, providing you a bigger chance to hit more pearls at once and thus, getting higher score!
  5. Dark Pixxe - Energy Ball; the ball will grow bigger and transforms into an penetrating mass of dark energy. It willl pass through any pearl that it hits! It's easy to clear a row of pearls in one go with this power.


Each kind of pearl is worth a standard amount of points. Blue pearls are worth 10 points, red pearls 100 points and pink pearls 500 points. Your total score per shot will be the value of the pearls you cleared, multiplied by the number of pearls you cleared.

There's also a score multiplier meter on the left, which multiplies your score per pearl. The meter fills up as you clear the red pearls. The fewer red pearls you have left, the bigger your score per pearl will be.

For each 20 000, 50 000 and 100 000 points you earn per shot, you get a free ball.

There are also special events that can be triggered by doing something extraordinary. These events will grant you bonus points. These points are not added to the total amount of points, and thus do not help getting a free ball.


You are offered to save the game between the rounds for a small fee. Your score, Pixxe powers and current level will be saved. When you return to the game, you'll be asked if you want to reload your old game or start a new one. A save will last forever but you can override it by purchasing a new save.

Note that loaded games are not eligible for the Best of the Day competition. If you want to compete in it, you must start a new game.