Gems Classic

Three similar gems gets you points. Don't run out of combos!

You need Java

A big chunk of Playforia's games are built on Java technology. Please install Java to play.

The Java installation is a quick single event. After installing, you’ll be able to access the Java games and other content in and outside Playforia. Read more about Java at


Gems Classic

Available medals

  • Amazing Combo
    Level: 1 - Remove 100 gems with a single click on non-arcade gamemode.
  • Bonus Collector
    Collect 10 bonuses during a game.
  • Diamond Lover
    Collect at least 20 blue diamonds during a level in a smaller than huge game area.
  • Newbie
    Level: 1 - Play 2 games.
  • Mathematician
    Complete a level with exactly 6 gems of each type.
  • MinMax
    Level: 1 - Remove 7 gems with a single move (without bonus items or combos).
  • Beginner
    Level: 1 - Complete level 2 on "timelimit / normal size" mode.
  • Time Bandit
    End a level with over 5 minutes left on the clock (without buying any extra time).


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Gems Classic

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Game help & information

Three similar gems gets you points. Don't run out of combos!

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By cliking two adjacent gems they change their places. The goal is to get at least three gems in a row. Once it's done, they'll disappear from the screen. Gems is all about chain reactions!

Logging in

If you are a registered user of Playforia and have logged in with your nickname, you can start playing right away.

If you don't have your own Playforia nickname yet, you will be assigned a random visitor nickname starting with 'anonym' and a number to inform other players that you are a guest. This way you won't be confused with regular players.

If you want to create your own nickname (it's free!), click here.

Starting the Game

The game can be played in three different modes: without a time limit, with a time limit, and in a so-called arcade mode. The arcade mode includes special pieces such as bombs, mixers, level changers etc. Arcade mode also has a time limit, but it is not as tight as in the normal time limit game mode. There are three different game area sizes: Normal, large and X-tra large.

All modes can be played with all board sizes, which means that there are nine different ways to play this game. However, only Playforia members have an access to all nine, and the others can play the game only in the time limit mode with a board of normal size. When you put the mouse on the button of any game mode, the 5 all-time best players will be displayed on the screen. Click the button to choose a game mode and the game will begin.


The basic idea of the game is to form horizontal, diagonal, or vertical rows of at least three similar gems. Once a row like this has been formed, it disappears and new gems appear at the top of the screen. This can also cause a chain reaction, which means that the new gems form new rows by themselves. These rows also disappear from the screen and more new gems appear again. This continues until there are no rows to be removed on the screen.

The gems can be moved by changing positions of two adjacent gems. First click on one gem, and then one next to it, after which they exchange places. Alternatively, you can click the right mouse button in the space between two gems and they exchange places. If no acceptable rows are formed after this, the move will be disqualified and the gems that were just moved go back to the places they occupied before. This means that the player must remove something from the game area with every move.

Once a certain number of all different gems have been removed, you will be eble to enter the next, a more difficult level. As the levels get more difficult the number of different types of gems grows and you will have to remove more of them. At very high levels metal plates appear on the screen. These can not be moved to another place or removed. The game can end in two different ways: there are no possibilities to move anything on the screen or the time is up. Third way to end the game is to give up and quit.

Note that in the time limit mode you will get more time always when you remove gems from the screen.


Each gem removed from the screen brings you points multiplied by the total number of gems that are removed at the same time. If you, for example, have a row of three gems, each gem brings you 3 points: a total of 3*3 = 9 points. If you remove 10 gems at the same time, you will get 10*10 = 100 points. This being so, it is worth trying to remove as many gems as possible at the same time.

In addition to this, chain reaction brings extra points. If your move leads to a row of three (3*3 = 9 points) and the new gems that appear on the screen again form a row of three, this time you will get one point more for each gem that is removed: the new row brings 3*4 = 12 points. If the chain reaction continues, you will always get one more point for each gem that is removed during a round. Long chain reactions are valuable, but they are difficult to receive especially on small fields.

In addition to this, in the normal game with a time limit (does not include the arcade mode) after a level has been completed you will get extra points for the time that is left. After the forst level you will get one point for each second that you have managed to save, after the second level 2 points for each second etc.


In the arcade mode there are occasional bonus pieces on the screen. You can activate these by clicking on them.

A bomb blows everything away from the surrounding squares, including the possible metal plates and other bonuses. If there is another bomb next to the one that is exploding, also that will explode. In this way bombs that are located next to each other can destroy large areas.

A color bomb blows all gems of a certain colour off of the screen. Gems of this colour will not appear any more in the screen during the same level and they don't have to be collected any more to complete the level.

A mixer mixes up the gems and other objects on the screen again.

By clicking this you will be able to enter the next level directly.

By clicking this you will receive 400, 500 or 800 extra points depending on the size of the game area.

By clicking this you will get 30 seconds extra time.

Texts Displayed during the Game

On the right hand side the following texts are displayed:

  • Level: Shows the level that is currently being played
  • Points: Shows your current score
  • Time: Shows how much time you have to complete the field. Under the text display there also is a bar graph showing the time that is left. (This information is not displayed in the game without time limit.)
  • Gem display: Shows how many different gem types the level contains, how many gems must be removed to complete the level, and how many gems you already have removed. Once you have removed enough gems of a certain type, the text after the gem turns green.


Functions during the Game

In the bottom right corner of the screen there are some options boxes and buttons:

Animations: Allows you to switch animations on or off. On old, slow computers the animations may be very slow and it makes playing easier if you turn the animations off. Note, however, that the animations do not consume playing time, because the time limit clock stops during them. Sounds: Allows you to switch sounds on or off. Pause: By clicking this you can pause the game. (The pause button is not visible if you are playing without time limit). Give up: Allows you to quit the game any time. Your points will be entered in the lists in a normal way. To the Menu: by clicking this you can return to the starting menu. (This button is displayed only after the game has ended.)

Quitting the Game

You can quit the game and return to the Playforia front page by clicking the "Quit" button that is displayed in the bottom right corner of the starting menu.