Knock your opponent's walls into rubble but keep your own standing tall!

You need Java

A big chunk of Playforia's games are built on Java technology. Please install Java to play.

The Java installation is a quick single event. After installing, you’ll be able to access the Java games and other content in and outside Playforia. Read more about Java at

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Knock your opponent's walls into rubble but keep your own standing tall!

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Be the King of the castle and destroy your neighbours fortress! Remember to fix your own wall every once in a while, because the cannonball flies in both directions!

Logging In

If you are a registered user of Playforia and have logged in with your nickname, you can start playing right away.

If you don't have your own Playforia nickname yet, you will be assigned a random visitor nickname starting with 'anonym' and a number to inform other players that you are a guest. This way you won't be confused with regular players.

If you want to create your own nickname (it's free!), click here.

Game Lobby

Once you have logged in, you can enter the Game Lobby. The Lobby consists of four distinct areas which you can move between by clicking the buttons at the top of the lobby screen. The four areas are:
Chat:In this area you can chat with other players in the Lobby. It is possible to chat in the other parts of the Lobby too, but in the other areas the chat window, which is located at the bottom of the screen, is considerably smaller than in the designated Chat Area.
Challenge: Here you can challenge other players to a game. Choose your game settings from the menu and select an opponent from the list just left of the Chat Window. Now click the “Challenge” button. If your chosen opponent accepts the challenge the game can begin. If another player challenges you the name of the challenger and the game settings s/he has chosen will be displayed on the right side of the screen. You can either accept or reject the challenge.
Create/Join a Game: In this area you can either create a new game or join a 3-4 player game. Creating a new game works the same way Challenging does, but you do not have to choose an opponent. Just choose your game settings and click Create a New Game. You will enter the game, and once the required number of players have joined, the game can begin. If you wish to join an existing game choose the game from the list on the right side of the screen and click Join the Game.
Watch Games: If you don’t feel like playing you can also choose to join a game as a member of the audience. Just choose which game you would like to watch from the games list and click Watch Game.
There are also some option boxes at the top of the Lobby Screen:

No Challenges for Me:When this box is ticked you can’t be challenged to a game. This option is useful, for example, if you only want to chat in the Lobby or if you need to leave your computer for a while but do not want to quit the game.
Signal when Challenged: : If this option has been ticked, you will hear a double beep every time another player challenges you.
On the far right of the screen you will find the Quit button. Clicking here will quit the game and take you back to the Playforia Homepage


The purpose of the game is to destroy your opponents’ fortresses and keep you own fortress standing as long as possible.

At the start of the game you will choose your home fortress from among the fortresses in your area. Your area is the one marked with a grid. Once you choose your home fortress, a wall will automatically be built around it.

Once you have created you home fortress the game consists of the following stages:

Installing cannons in your fortress:
You can build cannons only within the walls of your own fortress. The number of cannons you can build depends on how many walled fortresses you have. Your home fortress is worth two walled fortresses. If you have built walls around your home fortress plus two other fortresses you will be able to build up to 4 cannons. You don’t have to build all the cannons available to you. To stop the building process press the “Esc” button.
If you are able to build three or more cannons, you can choose to build super cannons instead of ordinary cannons. By right clicking the mouse you can choose between an ordinary cannon and a super cannon. Super cannons fire red cannon balls which leave a burning hole on the ground for three rounds. It is not possible to build new walls over these burning holes.

During this stage you can fire your cannons to destroy your opponent’s fortresses and cannons. Please note that only the cannons that are inside undamaged walls can be used. Once a cannon has been fired it cannot be fired again until the previous cannon ball has hit the ground/target. Therefore, firing at targets that are far away takes longer than firing at targets that are close.
If your opponent destroys one of your cannons, the cannon cannot be used anymore but will remain in it’s place until the end of the game.

Repairing a Fortress:
To repair your fortress you need to select the building blocks and click where you want to place the block. Right clicking will rotate the building block. If you select a building block it must be placed somewhere before you can pick up a new one. At least one of your fortresses must be surrounded by an undamaged wall at the end of the round. If all your fortresses have damaged walls at the end of the building stage, your game is over..

You can end the building stage with the Esc button if you don't want to use the entire building time.

Once you have completed the building stage, it is time to create new cannons again..

The winner is the player with the last fortress that is surrounded by undamaged walls.

Game Settings:

At the bottom of the screen there is a Chat Window where you can chat with other players and possible viewers. If some viewer of game is behaving badly, you can remove this viewer from game using Remove button under the chat user list.

The following options boxes are also displayed to the right of the chat window:
Instructions: When this option is active, you will receive instructions on how to play the game. It is recommended to activate this option when you are learning the game.
Building Grid: This option shows your area as a grid during the building stage of the game.
3D firing: Selecting this option will show the firing stage from a 3D perspective, accompanied by animated explosions. This is normally activated by default, but if these features slow down your computer too much, you may want to deactivate this option.
Sounds: Ticking this option will activate the games sound effects.
New Game: After a game has ended this option will be displayed. By selecting this option you can suggest a new game to the other players. If all the players agree, a new game will begin!
Quit: Quits the game and returns to the Game Lobby..