Play Driver - choose your favourite car and let it rip!

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A big chunk of Playforia's games are built on Java technology. Please install Java to play.

The Java installation is a quick single event. After installing, you’ll be able to access the Java games and other content in and outside Playforia. Read more about Java at


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Game help & information

Play Driver - choose your favourite car and let it rip!

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Choose a car that most suits you, change the gear and let's go! In the champions league you can watch how the champions accelerates to victory!

Logging in

If you are a registered user of Playforia and have logged in with your nickname, you can start playing right away.

If you don't have your own Playforia nickname yet, you will be assigned a random visitor nickname starting with 'anonym' and a number to inform other players that you are a guest. This way you won't be confused with regular players.

If you want to create your own nickname (it's free!), click here.

Functions of the lobby

At the top of the lobby there are three buttons. "Settings", "Training/Race" and "Championship series". When you enter the lobby, the first page that is open is the "Settings" page. You can change the page by clicking one of the buttons at the top of the page.

In addition, at the bottom of the lobby, there is a chat in which you will be able to chat with other players who are in the lobby of the Driver game.


Choose a vehicle for yourself from the settings box. The "Playforia" car is very much like a normal car. A formula car drives well on asphalt, but not so well on sand. A dragster is fast but difficult to turn, and a tractor the other way round. The vehicles have other differences as well, and you will become familiar with these during playing. In addition, you can choose the color of your vehicle.

You also can choose if the car of the player who holds the record time in the track will be shown on your screen when you play a single race. The options are "Don't show", "Show as transparent" and "Show as normal". In this way, you can race against the record-holding player.

"Level of Graphics" option allows you to reduce the details and complexities of the game graphics. With graphics of lower quality, the game works faster even on slow computers.

If you want to replace the default buttons for steering the car with other buttons of your choice, this can be done on the right side of the page. Click the button displaying the desired function and then click the key on the keyboard that you want to use to perform this function during the game. Note, however, that all keys on the keyboard can't be used for this purpose.


On the left side of the page, there is a list of all tracks of the Driver game. In addition to the names of the tracks, there are columns displaying additional information on the tracks. By clicking on the title of one of the columns the tracks are organized according to the information given in the title. You can, for example, arrange the tracks according to record times. You can select tracks and delete your choices by clicking on the desired track.

Note! The record results displayed on the track list have been established with the same vehicle that you have selected for yourself from the "Settings" page. In case you change your vehicle, also the record results shown on the track list will change and display the records of the new vehicle. From every track, records for each vehicle have been saved separately.

On the right side of the page, there also are buttons that can be used to choose all tracks, to make a random selection of tracks (the number of your choice), or to delete all choices. The number of tracks that have been chosen at the moment is displayed below these buttons.

Below these, there are two options boxes. If you choose the option "Play in a random order", the tracks will be "mixed up" before the game starts. Otherwise, the tracks will be played in the order in which they appear on the list in the beginning of the game. "Repeat selected tracks" will repeat the selected tracks over and over again: after the last track has been played, the round starts again from the beginning. With this function it is, for example, possible to play one specific track over and over again without having to go back to the lobby.

In the bottom right corner, there are two buttons for starting the actual game. The car can't break down during training and the track ends only when you want it to end. However, it is not possible to establish new track records during training.

Championship series

In championship series, several tracks are driven in a row. The total time of the tracks played is summed up in the end and the faster you completed the tracks, the better.

You can select the desired championship series from the list. On the right side of the list, you can see some basic information on your chosen championship series and the current best results.

Note! A championship series can be driven by any vehicle, but there are no separate record lists for different vehicles. (Only in the single track game there are separate track records for each vehicle type.) It is worth trying out with which vehicle each championship series is easiest to drive and then use that vehicle for trying to break the record of the championship series.

Click the "Start game" button in order to start the championship series you have chosen.

Game area

After the game has started and the first track appears on the screen, the following information is displayed at the top of the screen:

On the left there is the name of the track and the name of its creator, and the average race and lap times on the track with the vehicle that you are driving.

At the top of the page in the middle, your name is displayed along with information on the condition of your vehicle (green bar: the color changes when the bar gets smaller, which means that the condition of your car is getting worse), lap times and the total time. Below that, there is a similar bar displaying the corresponding information on the player who holds the record of the track. From that you will be able to check after the race how you did compared to the track record holder.

On the right side of the screen, there are some additional buttons: "To the next track" or "Skip the track" buttons quit playing the current track and move you to the next track. The button is not visible during championship series or during the last track. "Quit" button quits the game and takes you back to the lobby.


The game can start when the track is displayed on the screen and your car is in the start area. The time starts to run only after you have started your car, so you have plenty of time to concentrate in peace.

The goal of the game (except for training) is to drive 5 laps on the track as fast as possible.

The car is steered by the keys that you have chosen earlier in the lobby. In case you didn't change the keys, they are the following: the arrow up key accelerates, the arrow right and the arrow left keys turn the car. The arrow down key is reverse and spacebar is brake. It is possible to pause the game by pressing the P key. The game continues by pressing P again.

Different terrains have a different impact on the cars. Ice and oil are always slippery and driving on sand or on grass is slower than driving on asphalt. It is possible to drive over water, but it slows down the pace of the car considerably. In addition, hills have an impact on the pace of a car.

Bumping into walls damages a car (the condition of the car is displayed at the top of the screen), and if the car breaks down completely, the race is over. And remember that when the car breaks down completely, the entire championship series ends, if that is what you were playing. So try to avoid driving into trees. The engine of a broken car can also cause problems, which certainly makes racing more difficult.

When you play, another car is also displayed on the track in case you are playing a single race (not training or championship series) and on the settings page of the lobby you have chosen to display the record-holder's car. This other car, then, shows how the track record holding player has driven, and you can compete against him/her. If you reach the goal before this player, you will establish a new track record.

Even though the record race is not shown during championship series, there is the same possibility to establish new track records in championship series as in single races.