Be the chief of artillery in Cannons and blow up your enemies!

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Be the chief of artillery in Cannons and blow up your enemies!

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As a chief of the artillery you have to know much about the orbits of the missiles and the intensity of the wind. Launch a rocket or bang an atomic bomb. But beware and hurry, you're a target too!

Logging in

If you are a registered user of Playforia and have logged in with your nickname, you can start playing right away.

If you don't have your own Playforia nickname yet, you will be assigned a random visitor nickname starting with 'anonym' and a number to inform other players that you are a guest. This way you won't be confused with regular players.

If you want to create your own nickname (it's free!), click here.


In the lobby you select the amount of players and the game settings and then click "Create Game" button. You will be moved to the game instantly and the game you created will be displayed to all players the lobby who can join your game if they like. Here you can select some extra game settings that affect the way the game is displayed to you personally; you can choose where the players' avatars will be displayed in the game and you have several options to enable or disable warning signals (fe. at the start of the game). The game will start as soon as the selected number of players have joined the game or if all players present click the "Ready to start" button.  
If you don't want to start a new game, you can choose to join one of the games created by other players. A list of these games is displayed at the top right of the lobby. When you select a game, more detailed settings of the game will be displayed below the list. Click "Join" to join the selected game.
 Note that the marking [PW] in front of a game name means that you must know the password of the game to be able to enter it. The marking [Reg] means that the game is only accessible for users with their own Playforia nickname.

Choose the amount of players you want to play the game with.

Choose the amount of rounds you want to play.

Game name:
If you like you can give your game an appealing name so your game is easy to recognise and others might be more eager to join.

Game password:
If you set a password, the players who wish to join your game have to know the password. Setting a password is useful if you fe. want only a certain group of friends to be able to join. In case you want the game to be available for all players, do not select a password.

Only for:
This setting allows you to restrict the group of users that can join the game. If you are a registered user, you can choose whether all players or only registered users are able to join. You can choose between selecting "All" or "Only registered users" (these options are not displayed for guests).

Weapon distribution:
At the start of each round, weapons can be distributed to the players. There are three ways of distributing the weapons. All of these will maintain equality between players, but each way influences the tactics of the game differently.
- Increased: All players will get new weapons at the start of each new round (more powerful weapons will be given as the end of the game is nearing). All weapons left from previous rounds can still be used.
- Constant: Players will get new weapons at the start of each round (again, more powerful weapons will be given as the end of the game is nearing). Weapons that haven't been used during previous rounds will not be available anymore, this means that each player has the same store of arms at the start of each round.
- Decreased: All weapons will be distributed to the players at the start of the game. The number of weapons that is distributed depends on the selected number of rounds. There will be no new weapons distributed at the start of a new round, this means that you'll have to get through the game with the weapons that were given to you at the start.

Playing order:
- Taking turns: Players take turns to make their moves, one player at a time.
- Simultaneously: All players are able to shoot simultaneously. The shots are launched once all players have chosen how and what to shoot.

Time to act:
You can set a limit on the time for players to act. When the time is up, the next player can make his/her move.

- None: The wind is 0 and doesn't have any effect on the shots.
- Normal: Normal wind that varies a little during the game.
- Random: A completely random wind at the start of each turn, which makes hitting a target considerably more difficult.

You can choose if shooting can result in a dud or not. A dud is a bomb or other weapon that fails to explode.

- Survival: You score one point if your cannon is still intact after a round has ended. If all cannons have been destroyed during a round, no one scores any points for that round.
- Destruction: You score one point for each cannon you manage to destroy.

- Both: You get points from both destroying other cannons and surviving from round


If you have created a new game or joined an existing game, you might have to wait for other players to join until it starts. You can, however, already chat with other players who are have joined the game as well. The chat field is displayed at the bottom of the game. As soon as all players have arrived, the game can start.

It depends on the game settings if you are able to play during each round or only at specific turns. If the game setting is to play in turns, you'll only be able to shoot at your own turn and then you'll have to wait for your opponent to act.

Before shooting, you can choose the direction and the power of the shot by using your mouse. The shot will be launched from the mouse sight. The farther away the mouse is placed from your cannon the more powerful the shot. The angle of departure and the power of the shot are displayed in digits at the top left of the game. The shot will be launched by clicking the left mouse button.

Note that any possible wind has an impact on the traject of the shot. A wind gauge is displayed at the top of the game area. An arrow indicates the direction of the wind and the size of the arrow indicates how strong the wind is.

If your own cannon has been destroyed you won't be able to shoot during that round anymore. Once all cannons have been destroyed, or, if only one is still intact, the round ends and the player who is still "alive" will get a point. After this, a new round will start.

After all rounds have been played, the player with the highest score is the winner.


At your turn you will be able to look at the weapon menu by clicking the right mouse button. Alternatively, you can see the weapons menu by clicking on your own cannon. The "power" value will disappear from the top left of the screen when the mouse is on your own cannon.

It depends on the game settings what kind of weapons players can use during each round. The number of weapons left is indicated in the weapon menu under each weapon.

When you move the mouse on a picture of any weapon, the name of the weapon will be displayed at the bottom right of the weapon menu. You can choose a weapon by clicking the left mouse button. You can only choose a weapon if there are still any left.

A normal shot, limitless available.

A shot like a normal cannon shot but the explosion is bigger when the shot hits the ground or a cannon.

Big grenade
A shot that causes more extensive destruction than an ordinary shell.

Aero shell
It's like a shell, but the wind does not affects this shot like it affects other shots.

First choose a target you want to hit with the missile. Then launch the missile in the same way as you launch other shots. When a precision missile reaches the summit of its trajectory - the point from which it starts to come down - the missile will fall directly onto the chosen target.

After a roller has hit the ground, it will start to roll down any possible hill. A roller explodes when it hits a cannon or starts to go uphill.

This shot can be launched only directly to the left or to the right. A sweeper starts to move on the ground and can also go uphill in most cases. A sweeper explodes when it hits a cannon or starts to go up a hill that is too steep.

When hitting the ground or a cannon, this shot will part into five shells of which some are big shells.

At the summit of its trajectory the shot will part into five shells of which some are big shells.

Death's Head
At the summit of its trajectory the shot will part into seven big shells.

Shortly before hitting the ground, the shot spreads as burning napalm.

Poison gas
In addition to a big explosion, green clouds of poisonous fumes will linger at the game area for several turns. This causes additional damage to any nearby cannons. The clouds move with the wind, so you must be careful where to shoot in order to prevent the clouds from getting close to your own cannon.

A small nuclear load that causes severe destruction. After the explosion, radioactive fallout clouds will linger above the field for several rounds. These clouds also move with the wind.

All you need to do is to choose a target. The shot is launched high up into the sky before it falls onto the selected target. This is the most dangerous weapon in the entire game and will harm everyone and everything near the target.

Land eater
A shot that doesn't cause any other damage than destroying the ground around it. However, if the shot hits any oil barrels, they will explode.

Land filler
A shot that spreads earth. You can use this to protect yourself or to harm your opponent.