Link at least three bubbles of the same colour to remove them.

You need Java

A big chunk of Playforia's games are built on Java technology. Please install Java to play.

The Java installation is a quick single event. After installing, you’ll be able to access the Java games and other content in and outside Playforia. Read more about Java at java.com.

Yesterday's Champions

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Available medals

  • Best of the Day - Bubbles
    Level: 1 - Win a Best of the Day competition - get the next medal by winning 2 times.
  • 2nd of the Day - Bubbles
    Level: 1 - Become the second best in a Best of the Day competition - get the next medal by becoming it 2 times.
  • 3rd of the Day - Bubbles
    Level: 1 - Become the third in a Best of the Day competition - get the next medal by becoming it 2 times.
  • Triple Bounce Drop
    Pop and drop bubbles by shooting a ball bouncing to 3 walls in level 10 or higher.
  • Easy Clear
    Level: 1 - Clear the level by using 5 bubbles only.
  • Newbie
    Level: 1 - Play 2 games.
  • Just Amazing
    Pop 30 bubbles and drop 30 bubbles with a single shot.
  • Easy Level Master
    Complete level 25 on Easy mode.
  • Extreme Level Master
    Complete level 10 on Extreme mode.
  • Hard Level Master
    Complete level 15 on Hard mode.
  • Normal Level Master
    Complete level 20 on Normal mode.
  • Easy Score Master
    Level: 1 - Get 150.000 points on Easy mode
  • Extreme Score Master
    Level: 1 - Get 60.000 points on Extreme mode.
  • Hard Score Master
    Level: 1 - Get 75.000 points on Hard mode.
  • Normal Score Master
    Level: 1 - Get 120.000 points on Normal mode.
  • No Waste
    Clear a level by popping bubbles with every shot.
  • Pop Master
    Level: 1 - Clear any Easy level by only popping bubbles (don't drop any).
  • Beginner
    Level: 1 - Complete level 3 on Easy mode.
  • Wall Popper
    Pop bubbles with a shot bounced from the wall.


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Game help & information

Link at least three bubbles of the same colour to remove them.

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Clear all the bubbles hanging from the top by shooting bubbles with matching colour. Group at least three bubbles of the same colour to blast them out. There are four different kinds of difficulty levels with several performance levels. Let's pop some bubbles!


Starting the game

You can choose from four levels of difficulty: easy, normal, difficult and extreme. When you move your mouse on top of one of these buttons, the 5 all-time best games played on that level will be displayed on the screen as well as your own personal record. Click the button to start the game.

The different difficulty levels each have their own bubble size. In the easy level, bubbles are large, while they are rather small in the difficult level. The bubble size has a direct impact on how many bubbles fit on the screen, so there are a lot more bubbles to pop in the more difficult levels.


Shoot bubbles in different colours from the bottom to the top. A bubble that has been shot at can bounce from the left and right walls of the game area. Once a bubble bumps into other bubbles on the screen, or, into the top of the screen, it will stick to that spot. If a bubble that has been shot forms a group of three or more bubbles of the same colour, the group will pop and disappear from the scrIn addition to this, bubbles that are not attached to any other bubbles nor the top of the game area, will fall down and out of the game area.

Your goal is to try and clear the entire game area before you run out of shots. If you succeed, you move on to the next level. The levels become more and more difficult in two ways: the number of bubbles in different colours increases, while you get less and less bubbles to shoot with. The game ends when you run out of shots or if the bubbles in the game area touch the bottom.

Scoring: You earn 40 points for every bubble that is popped and 30 points for every ball that falls out. In addition, you will get extra (level+1)*35 points after a level has been completed depending on how many bubbles you have left to shoot (fe. in level 1 you get 70 points for every ball that is left).



During the game you can use following three helpers:

Aim: A helpline will show you the trajectory of the shot.

Undo: Undo your last shot, the game area and your score will be turned back to the previous state.

Colour: Pick the colour of the bubble you shoot with.

Each of these helpers can be used only once per level.

If you run out of bubbles, you can also purchase extra balls.

Helpers costs only few Playforia coins (the price is displayed in the helper buttons).


Texts and Functions During the Game

During the game, the following information is displayed on the right side of the screen:

Bubbles left: Shows how many bubbles you have left to shoot with.

Points: Your score so far.

Level: The number of the current level.

Personal best: Your personal record of the difficulty level that is currently being played.


In the bottom right corner, the following buttons are displayd;

Play sounds: Select if pop sounds are played or not.

Show numbers: If you have difficulties in discerning the colours of the bubbles, you can activate the number display function and a number will appear on every bubble. This might help you distinguish the bubbles and colours from each other.

Give up: By clicking this you can end the current game.